by Eduardo Machado at the Theater for the New City

Repeating Islands

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This review by Gena Hymowech appeared in showbusinessweekly.com

There is a scene in which a group of men are at a Cuban gay pride parade, waving tiny rainbow flags and listening to an impassioned speaker. To the audience, it looks like they are free, but in reality they have all had to make compromises to live their lives, compromises that eat away at their souls.

Set in 2008, “Mariquitas” begins with the return of Jose Maria (Oscar Hernandez) to a Cuban bed and breakfast run by friends Ramon (Omar Chagall) and Ricardo (Liam Torres). The terminally ill Jose is back in Cuba to reunite with his beloved hustler Tito (Carlos A. Valencia) one more time before he dies. Jose hopes that death will happen naturally, but plans on euthanasia if it does not.

There are other plots as well: Ricardo, who first got involved with Ramon when he was…

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