Letter to my tender 20 years old. (Caribbean woman) #lettreames20ans

Nous avons reçu ce joli email en anglais suite au thème « lettre à mes 20 ans ».
Comme je l’ai dit à l’auteur, « sorry, this was in my spam box ».
Enjoy !


Letter to my tender 20 years old

Dear you, dear me
Here you are in your studio full of books and of . You have been working so much. Working and not living enough. Don’t worry, you will pass your exams. Don’t worry, your parents will be proud, they will share your success as if it was their own. As if it was their own revenge on life. No reason to push too much, soon or later you will realize that the white medicine coat of fame wasn’t what you really wanted. After all these sacrifice and all these « no » to invitation to party, to movies, to life as young people of your age used to have.Why do you imagine that if a man invites you out it’s only for sex? You deserve that a man loves you and a man want to love you. Look at him carefully. All men are not as your father.

Some men are reliable. Some men will stay. 

You’re beautiful, don’t be such a fool. If men are looking at you in the streets it is not because you look too weird or too different. Not because you’re too black in this river or white skins. Just because you’re beautiful. Your beauty is unique. Accept it, cherish it. Stop trying to fit a mould that has not been done for you. You’re pissed off because of this teacher who think that we are still in the colony times ? Tell him. Take your courage and tell what you think.

Eat please, eat.
Don’t believe that being skinny means being beautiful.
Sing please, sing.And dance, and love… Make love fuck.
What are you waiting for? Don’t procrastinate. Don’t think that you’re not ready.
You won’t be more ready in 10 years than now. Life is now. Live it.
Stop waiting for the charming prince to come and wake you up on his white horse. All these fairy tales were bullshit, fucking bullshit.
This one must be nice and deserve that you look at him better. Men are not all rubbish. Men can be nice, all men are not your father and you’re not obliged to be your mother. At work all life long. Complaining for a liar who stole her dreams and virginity. But did he really steal them? Or isn’t she brave enough to admit that she offered them? Because she wanted him, that is simple.
Don’t believe those women are not supposed to ask, to desire. Bullshit. Woman can also demand. They can love.
They can enjoy sex and not be a whore. Sex is not dirty or sick. It can be a tender moment between to happy adults. It is not bad to have pleasure. It is certainly the healthier thing in earth damned! Enjoy it now. You can combine work and personal life. IT IS NOW that you will meet this special person that will share your life. Don’t think that professional life will fill you up.
Life is not only work. So please close this notebook and go out.
Breath. Live. Fuck for goodness sake.