10 Lettres de refus envoyées à des personnalités devenues célèbres ! [Toujours poursuivre ses rêves]

Voici un article inspirant (en anglais) qui rappelle que nous devons donner des ailes à nos rêves quand nous faisons face à un mur d’obstacle.

1. Madonna


When Madonna finally signed with Sire Records in 1982, her debut album sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Clearly, the author of this letter didn’t think such a feat was possible for an artist who « wasn’t ready yet. » She went on to become the best selling female artist of all time.


2. Tim Burton


This Disney editor didn’t consider Tim Burton’s first children’s book, « The Giant Zlig », marketable enough. Burton took the feedback to heart and feverishly honed his skills. Just a few years later, he became an animator’s apprentice at the company. He went on to write and direct films like « Edward Scissorhands », « The Nightmare Before Christmas », and « Alice in Wonderland ».

3. Andy Warhol


In 1956, artist Andy Warhol gave one of his pieces to the Museum of Modern Art – for free. And they still rejected it. Obviously, Andy’s luck turned around pretty fast. On top of having his own museum in Pittsburgh, the very museum that rejected him now features 168 of his original works.

4. U2


When U2 debuted in 1979, RSO Records was thoroughly unimpressed. Within months, the band signed with Island Records and released their first international single, « 11 O’Clock Tick Tock. » They went on to sell 150 million records, win 22 Grammy Awards (most of any band ever), and performed in the highest grossing concert tour in histo

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