Price of life lowered a bit more in Brazil: Family mourns, daughter of shooting/dragging victim speaks out

Black Women of Brazil

Once again, tragedy and pain in Rio de Janeiro Once again, tragedy and pain in Rio de Janeiro

Note from BW of Brazil:The shooting and subsequent dragging of a woman’s body from the back of a police vehicle is once again provoking shock at the behavior of « Rio’s finest » in the online community. As María Martín put it, Cláudia Silva Ferreira’s death « lowered a bit more the price of a life in Brazil. » Spokespersons for the police have once again offered lip service about the incident in the typical, « we lament this…this is not standard procedure… » or that the « preservation of life and human dignity » is what the police stand for. It that were the case, why is it that these murderous police consistently enter poor, predominantly black communities with guns blazing? One will note that these types of incidents don’t happen in ritzy, upper-middle class neighborhoods from where much of the drug sales they always claim to…

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