Brazilian society continues to see black hair as a joke: after racist incident, black woman and activists fight back!

Black Women of Brazil

Ponto Frio store and Thayná Trindade Employee of the Ponto Frio store made racist comments about Thayná Trindade’s hair

Note from BW of Brazil: As has been documented continuously on this blog, Brazilian society has a problem with natural, afro-textured, black hair. In American comedian/actor Chris Rock’s 2009 documentary Good Hair, veteran comedian Paul Mooney stated: « If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed, if your hair is nappy, they’re not happy. » Needless to say, he could have easily applied that statement to Brazilian society as well. As a plethora of jokes and cruel comments prove, Brazil is the « racial democracy » that dislikes African features. The difference between today and Brazil of 20-30 years ago is that nowadays more black people are likely to stand up and denounce racism, racist comments and actions. The incident below actually took place nearly a month ago with an in store meeting taking place on…

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