Separated by water and a forty minute flight (Arnaldo Week 1)

Groundation Grenada

:: Reflections by Arnaldo James our visiting artist resident ::

Time in Grenada is one rapid immersion, my intention has been to gain a sense of Grenadian life apart from tourism endeavours. At its root this exploration is a visual exercise that’s grounded on observation, but as that began conversation has overwhelmingly enveloped the time here. The Grenadians I’m surrounded by have many informed perspectives and are open to sharing them. The politics of race, sexuality, privilege and exploitation have been what my conversations are governed by. This has been great for me as I’m constantly identifying and analysing each is of these in my life and creative works.

Part of the process for this creative journey involves limiting secondary information sources until on-site residency completion. I arrived with a nugget of information that  shaped my interactions with the space but by relying on my Trinidadianess as a frame of reference…

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