The Dangers of a Cuban Collapse

Repeating Islands

Santiago De Cuba Prepares For Visit Of Pope Benedict XVI

In this provocative article, Daniel Serwer (Johns Hopkins University) writes about the dangers of a Cuban collapse, but rather than performing the common harangue on poverty, violations of human rights, or difficulties with communications and transport, he focuses instead on the Cuban citizens’ relative prosperity, apparent physical well-being, and—more dangerous of all, he implies—the seemingly wide-ranging political apathy. This, along with the looming possibility of a sharp decrease in subsidies from Venezuela, he says, would pose a threat to the US because it raises the specter of economic collapse and a massive outflow of people from the island.

Cuba’s 1950s cars and Havana’s crumbling facades have long been its iconic symbols in the American imagination. They don’t disappoint, as I discovered on a trip to Cuba last week. But I didn’t expect zippy Hyundais with Miami FM on their radios or a private collection of contemporary Cuban art, installed floor…

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