From the slave quarters to the tourist post card: « Remove your labels from my black body! »

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Today, we wish to share a statement from a northeastern black women’s group known as Preta Simoa. On their blog, Preta Simoa describes itself as « Grupo de Mulheres Negras do Cariri. Somos mulheres negras empoderadas, atuantes e ativistas na região do Cariri, interior do Ceará », meaning « a group of Black Women from Cariri. We are powerful, active and activist black women from the region of Cariri, on the interior of Ceará. » Ceará is a popular tourist destination located in Brazil’s northeast.

Although their message was created specifically for the Carnaval season that has since already passed, it remains relevant for several reasons. 1) Regardless of the time of year, the image of Brazil outside of the country is often associated with Carnaval. 2) The international spotlight will be upon Brazil for the World Cup in a little more than two months and will continue until…

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