Chaos in Rio as Military Police forcibly evict slum residents from abandoned business warehouses

Black Women of Brazil

Despejo de invasores da favela da Telerj, bairro do Engenho Novo, zona Norte do Rio

Note from BW of Brazil: Why don’t we just call Rio de Janeiro for what it is: a war zone! Far from the beautiful beach postcards sold in world famous areas such as Ipanema and Copacabana, the reality of Rio’s black slum resident is anything but a vacation. Back in January, this blog presented similar photos from another Military Police slum invasion and eviction in Rio, as well as another shootout that with police leaving a number of (black) bodies stretched out, a young man stripped naked and tied to a pole around his neck, and a woman who was shot and whose body was dragged on the ground outside of a police car. Very haunting, disgusting images that provide a peek into the ways that disregard, oppression and misery are part of the daily lives of brown-skinned people in one of the world’s most…

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