The KKK Tries to Make A Comeback

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The Ku Klux Klan was once a major force in America, with a membership of nearly 4 million that regularly included mayors, chiefs of police and other grandees of segregated regions, especially in the South and Midwest. It’s been decades since the Klan held that sort of mainstream sway, but Sunday’s deadly rampage at two Jewish community facilities in Overland Park, Kan. serves as a reminder that the nation’s best known white supremacy organization has not completely disappeared.

Frazier Glenn Cross, who was charged with murder Tuesday for the shooting death of three people in the Kansas City suburb, is a prominent white supremacist whose long resume in the movement included founding the Carolina Knights of the KKK. Those sorts of regional groups are the basis of the current Klan, which exists only as a decentralized collection of dozens of regional organizations devoted to white nationalism. The total membership is…

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