« I’ve never felt prejudice in relation to my color »: Group Power For the Black People call out beauty contest winner; emphasize need for black consciousness

Black Women of Brazil

Grupo Negro 4P - Elisa Freitas

Note from BW of Brazil: The question and discussion of race, racism and black identity has been at the center of the struggle of Brazil’s Movimento Negro for a number years and continues to move toward center stage as more « pardos » and « mulatos » become « negros » and afrodescendentes », understanding  the necessity of recognizing, accepting and appreciating their African ancestry. But as the struggle takes on a more politicized meaning, inevitably, lines will become drawn between different factions of ideologies. For some, one simply accepting and defining one’s self as negro/negra, or black, symbolizes a great step forward for a nation of « mulatos », many of whom for centuries have attempted to avoid or escape this mark of the Africa  continent in their very existence. For others, this is merely the first step of a long struggle that can’t and won’t stop. For this group, black identity must also lead to political…

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