Brazilian hair? Good hair? How beauty aesthetics enslave and why I shaved my head

Black Women of Brazil

Por que eu raspei meu cabelo

Note from BW of Brazil: So what is this thing about « Brazilian hair »? Is it somehow different from other hair textures? Is it somehow « better » than other hair textures? Better yet, exactly what is « Brazilian hair »? What comes to mind when one hears the term « Brazilian hair »? Is it simply the hair textures of Brazilian people? OK, let’s be real. This writer has had many contacts with people from other countries, including from the United States, and this is a topic that comes up from time to time, particularly with African-Americans. Among African-American women, hair texture and length is a huge issue and between regular straightening treatments, weaves and wigs, many spend a small fortune on maintaining what they consider an attractive mane. I remember several years ago watching Black Hair, a documentary highlighting the Korean-American dominance of the African-American hair industry. According to this documentary

« Koreans…

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